Trust the High Voltage Experts

Trust the High Voltage Experts

We provide high-voltage powerline services in Alaska

A well-maintained high-voltage electric system can be a large benefit to your business, but malfunctions in your system can be expensive to fix. Maintain the overall health of your high-voltage system with transformer and powerline services from Electrical Services of Alaska. Our expert electricians can service and run diagnostics to make sure your system in Alaska is built to last.

Contact us today for a free estimate on electrical transformer servicing for your business.

Is your system ready for maintenance?

Regular powerline and electrical transformer servicing can extend the life of your system. Our repair and maintenance services include:
  • Power line repairs
  • Transformer maintenance
  • Pole change-outs
  • Splicing
  • Service diagnostics
  • Current leakage tests
  • Metering

Do not attempt to repair high voltage implements without professional guidance. Call 907-738-4484 today to schedule an appointment for transformer and powerline services.